Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Mission of the American College of Commerce and Technology is to offer at affordable rates graduate and undergraduate level degree and certification programs in Accounting, Business, Computer Science and Information Technology and help students develop skills and competencies to advance in their professional careers.

The goal of ACCT is to "make the world a better place, one student at a time...".

ACCT is a higher education institution with ownership and oversight by a team of professional educators committed to academic integrity. ACCT offers programs of instruction in high demand employment fields matching student goals with appropriate programs of study and assuring that programs meet employer demands and expectations in skill development. ACCT assures the highest quality learning experience by employing only faculty with experience in both academic and professional fields.

Students wishing to advance their careers, earn a college degree or gain valuable skills will find that ACCT provides a high quality education at rates they can afford.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My New School

Princess Beauty Academy


New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology & Hairstyling
124 Halsey Street
P.O. Box 45003
Newark, NJ  07101
(973) 504-6400

Princess Beauty Academy is located in Iselin and is easily accessible by car or public transportation.  There is ample parking available.  Our school is a modern educational institution utilizing up-to-date   equipment.


Dear Future Professional:
I wish to welcome you to Princess Beauty Academy and an exciting career in the cosmetology profession.

You are about to begin a journey that can take you in many directions. The possibilities for a successful future are limitless.  Work hard and take advantage of all the educational opportunities available to you at Princess Beauty Academy.  The faculty and staff are here to assist you in whatever you may need to become a successful professional.
Education makes your life richer and fuller, and specialized learning leads to a specific career and opens many doors to you.
My warmest wishes for your success in the field of beauty and May your new career be as rewarding and fulfilling as it has been for me.

 Edith Kloos Eisele


Princess Beauty Academy is dedicated to providing the best possible education in the Cosmetology field.  Our mission is to be a recognized provider of highly trained and innovative professionals by offering exceptional Cosmetology and Hairstyling, Esthetics/Skin Care, Nail Technology and Barbering programs to our students.  We promote personal and professional development and encourage the continuous quest for knowledge and growth.   By combining teacher and student passion for the field, academic excellence and practical training, we equip our students for an exciting and successful career in the Cosmetology industry.